Join us tonight for this weeks chance to network with like-minded industry individuals and companies that Blog from 9-10pm!

Having trended UK wide last week more and more people are joining in the discussion.

Getting stuck into #BlogHour is a great way to find out more about your fellow bloggers whilst increasing traffic to your own blog

As you are now more than aware, entries for the National UK Blog Awards 2015 are live for entry via the #UKBA15 .
The submission phase end on 31st October 2014. don’t forget to submit your Blog in time for the voting phase that begins in November 2014!


The questions for discussion this evening include:


Q1>  What’s the most difficult thing about blogging? #BlogHour


Q2> Do you think online digital advertisements will ever realistically replace other more than traditional channels? #BlogHour


Q3> What is it about blogging that you find rewarding? #BlogHour


Q4> Governments are starting to monitor Internet “trolls”. How far do you think what you say online should be controlled? #BlogHour


Q5> Has how you use the Internet changed in the last 5 years? If so what do you think has been the biggest change? #BlogHour


Q6> If the  there designed an award just for your blog what would it be called? #BlogHour


All participants of #BlogHour are of course welcome to ask their own questions and as always please do network and share details of your blog and recent blog posts!

If you have never taken part in #BlogHour before and want to know more about how it works our  may be helpful.

We look forward to Tweeting with you from our  handle from 9pm!

Don’t forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag!


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