We have invited health professionals to join us for #BlogHour this evening to discuss the Power of Blogging.  A general overview can be found here: .  This special #BlogHour will be hosted by the Patient Experience Network, sponsors of the Health Category of the UK Blog Awards.

If you have not participated in #BlogHour or a Twitter chat before this might be useful reading: .

#BlogHour often moves very quickly with a lot of tweets using the hashtag so here is an overview of the main questions to be discussed:

Q1. Blogging – what got you started?

Q2. How do you think Blogging has an impact on the Health industry (or your own industry)?

Q3. What benefit/s have you or your company experienced from sharing content online?

Q4. Which Individual or Organisational Blog inspires you?

Q5. Do you use Infographics & other forms of content to engage your online audience? If so, please share!

We hope that you can join us between 9 and 10 pm GMT on Tuesday 12 November 2013.

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