We have now begun the #UKBA16 countdown at the UK Blog Awards HQ and we can’t wait to read all of the great content from individuals and companies in 13 days times!

But, until then, we have two engaging and thought provoking #BlogHour’s. Please see the questions below for this week’s discussion:

Q1. If you were to sum up the term Blogging in one sentence, what would it be? #BlogHour

Q2. If you were starting a personal Blog, would you use a domain with your name or something memorable/humerous? via  #BlogHour

Q3. What age range do you think Blogging relates to most right now? via #BlogHour

Q4. If you could give one Blogging time management tip, what would it be? via  #BlogHour

Q5. How would you differentiate between Instagram and Snapchat? #BlogHour

Q6. What person or platform has made an actual impact on your Blog and its exposure? #BlogHour

We look forward to Tweeting with you at 9pm. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #BlogHour.

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