Blogging SEO: As voted for by you, this week’s for our #bloghour we’re going to be talking about blogging SEO and all things tech. It will come as no new news to you dear reader that your blogging SEO and digital strategy can play a crucial part in the success or stagnation of your blog. There are several simple things you can do every day/week/blog post to seriously enhance your chances of growing your traffic and therefore your readership and therefore your reach (or whichever order you prefer!) If you need more advice then read Branch of Holly’s post here.

Now as this topic is so broad we’re actually going to open up the floor with our first question and ask you for a question. Hopefully on tonight’s #bloghour we’ll have lots of SEO geeks joining us who can offer some practical and simple advice!

Q1) What’s your number 1 question that you have about your blogging SEO? #bloghour

Q2) What are your top strategies for getting more traffic to your blog? #bloghour

Q3) How do you turn your readers into blog subscribers? #bloghour

Q4) Do you do much guest blogging or have a lot of guest blogs on your site? (it’s good for SEO you know!) #bloghour

Q5) What are your top tools for getting on top of ALL this stuff? #bloghour

Q6) What’s the best SEO tip you’ve ever heard? #bloghour

We hope those questions ask as much as possible….and we’re pretty confident we’ll get some awesome SEO geeks join us tonight to help us answer them.

Can’t wait to see you at 9pm!

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