Last week we got into some serious blogger business, discussing all the of the amazing ways you can make money from your website and social media channels. This week we want to bring it back to something a little bit more heartfealt (but no less important.) We want to discuss how lonely being a blogger can be and how you can combat that daily, weekly, monthly etc. A huge shout out goes to UK Adult Braces for suggesting this topic, great idea!

Loneliness can strike anyone, not just bloggers, but for a blogger it can be particularly lonely and stressful because you live a large part of your life online and through your social channels, but a lot of that ‘living’ is actually spent at home writing and editing! Comments and interactions are great, but does that replace a good old fashioned connection with someone discussing a topic you’re both passionate about? How can we get a better balance in our lives without comprising the amazing work (it’s true- your work is amazing) that’s happening in the world of blogging?

Our questions this week are 2 fold, firstly we want to talk about how you’re feeling. #Bloghour isn’t just here to be a solution based discussion each week, we want you to be able to open up, discussing how you’re feeling and be open about your mental health, issues you’re facing and problems that you’re yet to overcome. Secondly we’re going to explore some solutions that COULD (no promises are being made here) help you.

Join us tonight at 9pm over on our Twitter feed and don’t forget to use the #Bloghour when answering any of our questions. If you’d just rather catch up tomorrow morning and read what everyone said, then you can check out our special #Bloghour feed right here on our website.

Q1) As a blogger have you ever or do you suffer from loneliness and/or a feeling of isolation? #Bloghour

Q2) Do you think blogging can affect your mental health and well being? If so how? #Bloghour

Q3) What do you do when you’re feeling lonely (or just in a bad place mentally)? #Bloghour

Q4) What services, opportunities and support IS OUT THERE to help bloggers (and remote workers) with any mental health issues, loneliness, isolation etc? #Bloghour

Q5) What services, opportunities and support do you think SHOULD BE OUT THERE to help bloggers (and remote workers) with any mental health issues, loneliness, isolation etc? #Bloghour

Q6) Will you commit, right here, right now, to doing 1 thing in the next 24 hours to improve both your lineliness and isolation and 1 other persons? Write it here, tell the world! #Bloghour

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