This week the UK Blog Awards has written a guest post for the Trade Association Forum on the importance of blogging.
It is well established that blogging for business is extremely beneficial and something which is worth doing. But what about for other professional bodies? Do the same benefits exist or would blogging fall on death ears? Here at the UK Blog Awards we feel that associations and member bodies should be picking up their laptop and making use of all the great functions of blogging that businesses do.

Why should my association blog?

1. It’s easy! Communicating large amounts of information to members can be time consuming and difficult. A blog can be read and followed by thousands who have a real interest in the content.

2. Easy way to contact new members The ‘shareability’ of blogs compared to newsletters or press releases increases your association’s exposure. One member of a professional body could share your blog and it be seen by 100 of their industry contacts. A well-written, relevant blog that industry professionals related to can spread like wildfire and your membership can increase just as quickly!

3. Validate your position as industry governors It is suggested that only 1% of web users frequently create online content. Maintaining a blog that members like to interact with can prove your expertise and give you the authority and status your organization needs. Remaining credible is an extremely important way to maintain current members and attract new ones.

4 Drive web traffic to your website Both search engine optimization and direct web traffic can be significantly improved with the use of blogging. Great, original content is one of the best ways to drive people to want to visit your website. This can increase ad revenue or simply make your site more visible to the professionals you intend to support

5 Create meaningful conversation As a professional body part of your function is to support your members. Blogging and other forms of social media create a real way for your members to have their say and agree or disagree with your communications. Members will feel that they are more valued if they feel that their opinions on key issues are being listened to.

6 Communicate key news With the world moving so quickly and issues involving every day a blog is a quick, cheap way to get your message out to thousands. Blogging is a great way to stay ahead and avoid being left behind.

If your member body or association already maintains a great blog why don’t you enter the UK Blog Awards 2015? 

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