We were so lucky to get to talk to Anastasia from Travel Leap, a gorgeous blog all about travelling the globe authored by 2 incredible bloggers and photographer – Anastasia and Jean-Pierre. Travel Leap offers a beautiful and detailed look inside the lives of these 2 explorers who are full time travel bloggers and adventurers!

Read more about their journey below:

Travel Leap: our journey on the road and online

Travel Leap bloggers

Our story

We all have those dreams that follow us through the years, sometimes feeling out of reach, but always in the back of your mind. For us, Anastasia and Jean-Pierre, that dream has always been to travel long-term and live a creative life on the road.

To finally make that dream a reality, in December 2017 after 10 years of 9 to 5 work-life in marketing and advertising, we decided to take the ‘leap’. We quit our jobs, sold all our things, squeezed our lives into two backpacks and bought a ticket to Chile.

Since then we have travelled across Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Galapagos and soon we will continue our adventures through Asia, starting from Sri Lanka.

We don’t know when our travels will end, hopefully and probably never, even if that might mean they will take on a different shape. What we know for sure is that taking the ‘leap’ was one of those pivotal moments in our lives that has forever changed our course.  

Travel Leap bloggers and their journey

Creating Travel Leap

Travel Leap was born as a creative outlet for our travels. A space where we can share the stories that we encounter, the experiences we live, our best tips and our photography.

It both gives us a space where to express our creativity and at the same time and opportunity to have a meaningful impact on society, with the aim to inspire to travel consciously.

Having experienced many polluted places throughout our travels we aim to promote a more sustainable way of experiencing our planet, while being true to the destination. Our mission is to make everyone fall in love with the world and be inspired to travel with an open heart and sustainable soul.

Our top 5 destinations in South America

The first part of our travels around the world saw us exploring South America.

To say that it was fantastic is an understatement! We literally had the best time of our lives and made some unforgettable memories. Each country we visited will remain in our hearts for one reason or the other and they all had a series of highlights. We would like to share with you our favorite destination by country, to inspire your next trip!

Valle del Elqui – Chile

Valle del Elqui is a magical place. People say that in this valley there is a strong spiritual energy, maybe due to it being one of the primary electromagnetic centres in the world. In this peaceful area of Chile, expect sunny days spent cycling in between the pisco vines and unforgettable nights stargazing in one of the world’s best astronomical observatories.

Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Bolivia is home to one of the most visually arresting places in the world, the Salar de Uyuni. The world largest salt flats, once a lake that dried up leaving nearly 11 sq km of perfectly white salt. The sunsets over the Salar are something out of the ordinary, especially in the areas where there is water on the salt. The colours of the sky melt into the Earth creating impressive reflections.

Machu Picchu – Peru

Choosing only one place to highlight in Peru was really difficult, as the country has a staggering amount of wonders! Machu Picchu remains a one of a kind, mesmerizing sight, that everyone should visit once in their lifetime. Standing on top of that mountain, waiting for the fog to lift and reveal the Inca ruins was definitely one of the best moments of our trip.

Cartagena – Colombia

Cartagena is a real gem. A city that exudes character and charm in every detail, every wall, every corner. We fell in love with the colonial architecture, the beauty of the balconies covered with blossoming flowers and the still sunsets overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We indulged in the restaurants and danced the night away at the sound of salsa.  

Galapagos islands

The enchanted islands are possibly the most incredible place we’ve visited during our travels. A spectacular and protected national park where you will meet thousands of endemic animals and have some of the best snorkeling of your life!.

We hope our stories and tips inspired you to plan your next trip or to take the leap you were dreaming of!

If you would like to follow our adventures or connect with us you can find us over on Instagram: @travel_leap on Twitter: @hellotravelleap on Facebook: /travelleap and over on our blog: www.travelleap.co.

With love,

Asja & JP

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