Yesterday, we sent out our generic weekly posts asking our fellows Bloggers if they would like to have any questions answered for this week’s #BlogHour. However, after noticing yesterdays trend, #BloggerBlackmail, we felt this would be an invaluable topic that required discussion during #BlogHour this week.

Not up to date with the story? Simply, it goes like this:

Bloggers (” href=”” target=”_blank”>Mehreen) contacts bakery () and asks if she can review their product in return for (free) samples, bakery responds and invites along to ‘review’. The said food blogger went along to the bakery to experience the sugary delights in return for a write up. Already, perhaps grey in terms of communication.

Next, the Blogger arrives at the bakery but (in the Bloggers opinion) does not receive enough goods to enable a solid review – time is money. Whne the blogger was not provided with enough goods, in the words of Oliver Twist, the blogger famously said, ‘Please sir, can I have some more’ (not exact quote of wording, of course), but the bakery flat out refused.

Social Media provides a platform for self expression, opinion and transparency to name a few and sometimes, in the heat of the moment brands and consumers can type before they think. Another important factor in this story.

If you would like to read the full story, from both sides and in their words, you can view the bakery’s’  and the .

You may agree, that no party actions were right in these circumstances, there seems to be flaws from both sides. However, there are important messages and lesson learned to be had – and a LOT of food for thought. Please see the questions below for discussion tonight at 9pm:

Q1. Instead of accepting free goods, should a Blogger begin to have contracts and charge fees in return for business exposure? #BlogHour

Q2. If you review a product and do not have a good experience, but have been paid (monetary or by product), should your opinion be constructive instead of directly negative? #BlogHour

Q3. Blogging has always been about individual opinion, but are you aware of . When does a hobbyist Blogger become a business Blogger? #BlogHour

Q4. Is the world of Blogging too harsh sometimes in terms of opinion? How do you think this can be managed? #BlogHour

Q5. Before writing a review, do you have a checklist or terms that need to be agreed between both parties? #BlogHour

Q6. Define hobbyist blogger vs business blogger. #BlogHour

We hope you find the questions for this evening’s #BlogHour interesting and thought provoking. Join us at 9pm and enjoy the discussion amoung bloggers and social media professionals.

See you at 9pm and don’t forget to use the hashtag, #BlogHour.

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