Chiling out and taking a moment for yourself is something that everyone should do, on the topic of mental health and wellbeing it really is a hot subject.

During our bloghour discussion we covered just this topic, and the responses we recieved were fantastic. So we wanted to summarise some of the advice and feedback we recieved in the hopes that you’ll be encouraged to give yourself a break.

Our first question was: Do you find it hard to switch off at the end of the day?

There was a complete divide between our bloggers, some never switched off, saying that living their blogging philosophy meant they never switched off and that was fine. (Thanks Kate Snowdon @KateConsrvation you are VERY inspirational.)

Other bloggers advised that they keep their blog as a 9-5 habit, so when they left their ‘office’ they had their evenings free to decompress. (A good bit of advice from Steve Morgan @steviephil)

Our favourite piece of advice came from one of our regular #bloghour attendees Meg (@_ProjectCast) who suggested meditation – we had lots of great suggestions for apps that you can use including:

Other amazing advice was to make sure you don’t take your phone to bed with you (an old one but a good one!) Also to do something in the evening that distracts the mind and nourishes your soul (reading a book, going for a walk, swim, exercise, watching a movie or TV…)

Ok question number 2: Have you ever suffered from burnout or over exhuastion?

The general consensus here was a great big resounding YES! Balancing work, life, family, jobs, blog management, fitness, hobbies etc.

The ever elusive ‘balancing act’ of life is something that everyone agrees they need to work on.

Q3: What is your favourite thing to do to unwind?

We had some amazing answers from our Twitter network including:

  • Read
  • Draw
  • Compose music
  • Walk in nature
  • Head to the seaside
  • A work out (punching stuff supported- thanks Polly Buckland @TypefaceC
  • Sleep
  • Get a massage
  • Travel (see something inspiring)
  • Go to the cinema and watch a movie
  • Play on the PS4
  • Have a bath
  • Netflix and chill
  • Being with friends

Our 4th question was Do you use any apps or tools to help you chill out?

We love Natasha Atlas’ (@NatashaAtlas_)suggestion of Netflix! We also think Midlife Chic’s (@MidlifeChic) suggestion that all chilling needs to be done analogue is just perfect too.

Other apps include:

  • Whitenoise Lite
  • Daily Greatness Business Planner – this isn’t an app but it is a bullet journal that helps our bloggers get organised and take control of their time.

The 5th question of the evening was: How much time do you like to give yourself to chill out each day/week?

Polly Buckland (@TypefaceC) gave the best answer, “2 hours a week PT. Plus a couple of hours reading. We watched The Greatest Showman at the weekend & the cinema has upgraded to reclining seats. That felt CHILLED!”

The general consensus from most bloggers was that an hour or more a day to chill was just what the doctor ordered to have some downtime. Others suggested giving themselves a specific day of the week as ‘me’ time to really chill out and reconnect with themselves.

And our 6th and final question of our #Bloghour night – How important do you think it is to have downtime and to chill out?

We don’t really need to write much on this…because EVERYONE agrees- IT’S CRUCIAL!


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