Saying what you want vs. what you need to #Bloghour

We’re really fascinated by this topic here at UKBAHQ – as bloggers we all start out creating the content that WE want to write…in fact, it’s ALL about us right? (That’s what makes your blog so fantastically you.) However….we’re curious to know, what happens as your blog grows, as your […]

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Your website space- Pop ups, advertising and everything in between. #Bloghour

Are you being smart with your website? Do you know how to maximise your ‘shop window’ and do you even understand what ‘Lead Generation’ is? Well that’s ok!! As a blogger, it’s not just about being an excellent content creator, you have to be a designer, IT person, web guru […]

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goal planning for 2018

Goal Planning: Looking forwards, is the future bright for your blog? #Bloghour

Goal Planning: What will 2018 hold for your blog? We’ve looked back at our 2017, we’ve talked about promotion, growth and everything in between…but now- it’s time, to look ahead. Goal planning for the future of your Blog, your brand and your business. We’ve seen so many of your incredible […]

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