After the resounding success of our tech know-how #bloghour last week, it really got us thinking about your learning, development and how you approach ‘gaps’ in your knowledge or experience.

The reality is, there is SO much we don’t know (and we kind of think that’s amazing!) There are always new opportunities for us to learn, grow and develop skills.

So this week we want to talk about how you get knowledge, how you learn, where you go and how you develope your blog and your blogger skills to achieve your 2018 goals!

  1. Are you struggling with an area of your blog? (whether it’s technical, content, Marketing etc.) #Bloghour
  2. Do you use any specific platforms online to do courses or ask questions about what you’re struggling with? #Bloghour
  3. Do you prefer being able to just head to Twitter or ask a friend a question you’re struggling with or is it ALL about the Google search? #Bloghour
  4. Is there a BIG issue you are facing with your blog that you’re just not sure how to solve? #Bloghour
  5. Do you do anything for your mental/personal development on an ongoing basis? #Bloghour
  6. If you could have access to any platform, tool or resource in the world that could enhance and grow your blog – what would it be? #Bloghour

Can’t wait for you to join us tonight (06/02/18) over on our Twitter Feed at 9pm.

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