As one of the most delightful tech start-ups (official results obtained from a survey within our own office),  is pleased-as-punch to be partnering with the UK Blog Awards for 2016. Working with Gemma & her team was an opportunity we just couldn’t resist and finding-out more about your blogging community has already proved to be exciting and informative. Your passion is infectious!

It’s clear that bloggers provide not only great online quality content but act as a vital conduit for discussion, debate and counter-argument. In a similar vein, we’re pioneering an innovative, yet intuitive and meaningful way of allowing your readers & supporters to show their appreciation and say ‘thanks, keep up the great work’. ‘tibs’ are pocket change for the internet – show you appreciate the effort with MORE than just a tweet or a like.

To kick-off our association we’re asking you a couple of serious & thought-provoking questions centred around Blog Content Monetisation. Coupled with prized competitions (YES, prizes) and a few light-hearted extras to boot, we welcome and encourage you to join our first #BlogHour via the  on Tuesday 16th February 2016 from 9-10pm! ;Its going to be fun, informative and above all, unique.

We hope you like the questions we have created in preparation for Tuesday’s online debate outlined below:

1) How is appreciation best shown by/within the blogging community? via #BlogHour

2) Do you think your audience might show their appreciation for your posts with pocket change and donations? via  #BlogHour

3) Can blogging act as a catalyst for social change with regards to charity fundraising? via  #BlogHour

4) Can the Blogosphere drive a meritocratic and altruistic cultural change, online? via  #BlogHour

5) How does the blogconomy influence the future of social and online advertising & marketing? via  #BlogHour

6) How is ad-blocking affecting bloggers and should all blog content be free? via #BlogHour

Curious how  works? Sit back during your coffee break and take a look at our video.

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