The topic for #BEDN today is ‘Hobbies‘ and this prompted us to seek out some statistics about how many people blog as a hobby and how many do it for a living.

In this fantastic infographic:  it identifies 5 different types of blogger:

  • The Part-Time Professional – uses blogging to supplement income
  • The Hobbyist – blogs for fun and doesn’t earn an income.  Mostly blogs personal musings
  • The Full-Time Professional – blogs as a full-time job
  • The Corporate – blogs as part of their full time job or as a full time role for an organisation.  Makes up 8% of blogs
  • The Entrepreneur – Blogs for a company they own.  Makes up 13% of blogs

Apparently 14% of bloggers earn a salary through blogging.  These stats are interesting following the news coverage earlier in the week by the BBC.  They shared this article     Within the article eight&four Digital Marketing revealed that top Vloggers (video-bloggers) can charge:

  • Up to £20,000/month for banners and ‘skins’ around edges of web pages.
  • Up to £4000 per mention of a product.
  • Up to £4000 per Instagram/Twitter post featuring product.
  • Up to £10,000 per personal appearance.

The Advertising Standards Authority has also now warned vloggers they must make it clear when they are being paid to promote something.

We discovered another heartwarming article from the Guardian Professional too: .  Despite the difficult economic climate blogging helped this Graduate into work after 2 years of unemployment and illustrates potentially the springboard that blogging could be if you so wish.

We would love to hear what type of blogger you are.  Has blogging helped secure a job for you?  If you are a hobby blogger do you dream of making it a full time career one day?  If you blog full time for yourself or for an organisation what top tips would you give to those wanting to follow in your footsteps?  We would love to hear your comments below!


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