It is sooo exciting reading some of the fantastic blogs entering the UK Blog Awards each day.   The UK has a fantastic array of bloggers and the gathering together the blogger community both virtually (e.g. via #BlogHour) and in person (e.g. at the Awards Dinner) is mindblowing.

Today for #BEDN we have to give a Newsflash so we thought we would reveal a little bit about the entries received so far!  Of course these statistics may change drastically before the deadline but so far we can advise that:

> The most popular category in terms of the number of entries is the Lifestyle Category

> Female bloggers are leading the way with three quarters of entries coming from women to date

> On average bloggers have entered 1.14 categories

> 83% of overall entries are from individuals, and 17% from organisations so far

> 75% of the entries are from those aged 35 or under.  2% are from those aged 56 years plus.

> The most entries are from England.  There are more entries from Scotland than Wales and Northern Ireland currently

* data correct as at 10 am on 18th November 2013

There are now only 12 days remaining to enter the UK Blog Awards 2014 and be recognised for your blogging achievements!  You have to be in it to win it – what have you got to lose?!  Enter at 


These are some of the niggles people have had about entering the awards and our advice!

I am a new blogger
> As long as you have 3 posts you can enter the awards as you have to specify your top 3 posts on the entry form.  Of course by the time the public vote happens (December – 13th January 2014) and the expert judging panel (February 2014) you are likely to have many more posts!

I understand the importance of blogging regularly but I havent blogged as often as I would have liked so I don’t feel like I can enter
> We appreciate that individuals and organisations blog as often or infrequently as suits them and that real life and work come first.  Some people blog every day and others will blog once a month so whther you blog regularly or not do not let this stop you from entering!

My blog is relevant to more than one category
> You are welcome to enter more than one category.  If you select the number of categories from the entry page you can then copy details across from the first entry form to the next category entry form and then just update the information you wish.  For example the top 3 blog posts you put forward for one category may be different from the 3 posts you want to be considered for another category.

I havent got time to complete the form
> The online entry form takes 5-10 minutes to complete and you have until midnight on 1st December to complete it!  Can you afford not to complete the form?!

There must be an entry fee to enter my blog?
> There is no charge to enter your blog into the UK Blog Awards

I have a video blog (vlog)/photo blog/my blog is unusual and doesnt follow a traditional blog format
> We encourage innovative and unusual blogs to enter the UKBA14.  You are welcome to enter the relevant industry category and you may want to enter the ‘Most Innovative Blog Award’ category too.

I’m unsure whether I am classed as an individual or organisation
> If you blog on a personal basis, either as a hobby or professionally, then you should enter the individual category.  The Individual Category is for blogs with a single main contributor.  If you have more than one regular writer your blog should be entered into the Organisation Category (Guest Bloggers don’t count).
If your blog is for an organisation, company, business, enterprise, third sector entity, Charity, etc then you should enter the Organisation Category.  Even if you are self-employed if it is written predominantly for business gain/benefit then it must be entered in this category.  An organisation blog may have a single author or multiple regular contributors to the blog.

I’m not sure if I am good enough/I only blog for a hobby
> The Awards are open to hobby and professional bloggers.  You have nothing to lose by entering the Awards and will never know if you don’t give it a try!  And even if you do not get shortlisted or win this year you will hopefully still benefit from being involved through increased traffic, new readers and followers and learning and hints and tips from other bloggers.

I haven’t got many followers so who will vote for me during the public vote?
> We will support you and give some ideas for how to generate votes for your blog (and general traffic and followers) during the public vote.  We will of course also encourage visits to the website and voting for the categories during the public vote too, it isn’t just down to you.

Why should I enter the UK Blog Awards?
> We believe that every one will get something out of being a part of the UKBA.  Read our post: .

Hopefully the questions above have put your mind at rest if any of these queries were holding back your submission!

We hope that we will receive your entry before the deadline of midnight on 1st December.   To enter please follow this link to .


P.S. Tonight’s #BlogHour will be hosted by Smoking Gun PR and will include discussion around bloggers working with PR agencies and brands.  Join us on Twitter tonight (Tuesday 19th November), 9 – 10 pm by following  and #BlogHour

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