It is day 16 of the Blog Everyday in November challenge and yesterday we very nearly forgot to post! Yikes, so easy to do when Blogging everyday.

However, we managed to post something which turned out to be really useful to us (very late) and we hope you enjoyed reading the content that we shared around .

Today’s topic is named ‘Relax’. We panicked slightly when we viewed this day in the #BEDN Blogging Schedule, as frankly, we question what relaxation is at the moment.

This brought the team talking around different forms of relaxation and what each individual sees as ‘relaxing’. After a short discussion we cam up with the typical things you would expect from us Brits:
Enjoying a family Sunday roast
Socialising with friends and family
Enjoying a cup of tea/ coffee (daytime) & wine (evening – or after 12pm on a weekend, of course!)
Going for a meal
Reading a good book

We wondered, does anyone have anything out of the ordinary that helps them relax? We imagine a lot of our Individual Bloggers turn to Blogging to relax and get out what they are thinking onto virtual paper!
This still led us to question, what is in fact ordinary against what is not ordinary; and who decides?

Next we turned to the reliable  online, to help us to define and explain the verb, Relax as:
1 make or become less tense or anxious:

[no  object]:he relaxed and smiled confidently (as  adjective relaxing)a relaxing holiday

  •  [no  object] rest from work or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious:the team relax with a lot of skiing
  •  [with  object] cause (a limb or muscle) to become less rigid:relax the leg by bringing the knee towards the chest
  • [with  object] make (something) less firm or tight:Cicely relaxed her hold
  • [with  object] straighten or partially uncurl (hair) using a chemical product.

2 [with  object] make (a rule or restriction) less strict:the ministry relaxed some of the restrictions”

Going off topic slightly, are you aware that Oxford Dictionary online also has an interesting  that is often updated? The joys again in social media and the world wide web!

With Sunday being the Day of Rest officially in Christian terms  along with other religions, this Blog post has been rightly scheduled to be posted on Sunday at 4pm, as the #UKBA14 team are doing what they enjoy most on a Sunday, RELAXING!
Well kind of, it is officially two weeks until entries for awards close on Sunday 1st December 2013 at midnight. We ask on this relaxing Sunday, have you submitted your Blog for entry yet?

We hope when you are reading this post, you have managed to enjoyed some of the relaxation pointers we have listed above and wish you a very happy Sunday!

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