We are nearly  at #BEDN mid-way point and how is everyone coping, have you missed days so far, have you stayed on track or even produced your own topics?

The topic of today is, World Kindness Day. Our natural reaction was to Google the subject to read further posts and sites. We have already read some great #BEDN posts, but felt good old Wikipedia provides a simple but effective definition of World Kindness Day:

 is celebrated on World Kindness Day, every 13 November. Kindness Day UK is a celebration of kindness, which aims to increase the value of kindness in society as well as increase the amount of kind acts that take place, making kindness a greater part day to day life.

In the midst of societies busy working lives, we ask how kind are you? We questioned this ourselves and as a result created a fun ‘Kindness Test’ below:

The Kindness Test
Yes (2 points)
No (0 points)
Maybe (1 points)

Q1. Kindness in the Workplace, do you:
(i) Say good morning to your fellow colleagues?
(ii) Hold the door open for colleagues?
(iii) Offer to make hot drinks?
(iv) Offer to lighten the workload when busy?

Q2. Kindness at Home, do you:
(i) Do you help or carry out most of the housework?
(ii) Do you offer to run a bath for R&R for a housemate, colleague or partner?
(iii) Do you wash up after you have cooked?
(iv) Would you give up your favourite TV programme for your housemate, colleague or partner?

Q3. Kindness in the Public domain, do you:
(i) Would you offer the elderly, disabled or pregnant women your seat on public transport?
(ii) Would you make polite conversation with a stranger?
(iii) Would you give to the poor and ‘in need’ (charity work also included)?
(iv) If a stranger needed your help or was in danger would you stop and provide your support?

Total: XXX – what did you score?!

My oh My, perfect! You are extremely kind hearted!
Okay, you’re pretty nice, but if you’re serious about being kind, you can do better. Who wants perfection anyway, right?
Going downhill, but you are not all bad. Perhaps you could squeeze a little more kindness out? Go on you know you want too!
Slippery Rocky Road! Remember you get out what you put in.
Oh dear, quick, someone help, you are officially unkind!

Comment below and tell us how you did!

We hope you enjoyed taking this test and please note the test was only created for FUN and does not define what is kind or unkind.

Have a great week! We scored 18-14!

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