It is that time of week again when we are undergoing the build up to our weekly #BlogHour which takes place via Twitter every Tuesday from 9-10pm.

This week, we are inviting bloggers to put forward their own questions for this weeks #BlogHour and so far we have recieved some great questions. To have your questions apart of this weeks virtual networking hour, please email .

The other topic that we are going to disucss during tomorrow’s #BlogHour is the benfits of Blogging and Sponosrship. We believe whether you blog as a hobbiest or as part of your business, you are still developing a brand. The question is, how serious do you take your Blog? Do you feel the content shared will be of worth to a sponsor? If your answer is yes to these answer, sponosrship may be a great way to use your blog as a business or sub business for further exposure and ROI.

So, how do you know if your Blog is ready for sponsorship?

– First of all we must point out that you do not need sponsorship to gain status for your blog, it is merely choice, especially if you would like to develop man income form your blog
– You need to question how seriously you take Blogging, do you look at blogging as a business? Are you indirectly treating your Blog as a business without realising? We have found through our own research there are many great hobbyist bloggers out there who under estimate the power and influence their blog has, therefore, companies may be interested in a piece of your success to benefit their brand and help your blog gain further credibility and status
– Do you guest Blog for companies or other indivdual blogs with a good following? If not, this is not only great for future sponosrship aspirations to build your blogging cv but also traffic back to your blog. we love when we receive guest blog posts via our website and offer this to all of our  as it can be a great form of marketing
– It is easier to source sponsorship under a ‘in kind’ agreement and we would advise for starters this would be the best approach.  provides a useful website, passionfruit ads which is a mangement site with credible companies to sell/promote via your Blog.
– To read about the different types of sponosrship agreements, we thought you may find this post of use from, please click  to read the post. To obtain paid sponosrship can be a challenge, with companies demanding hard data and a solid following to your blog. We have listed below some of the things that may be required:
(i) Blog daily traffic
(ii) Blog interaction i.e. comments
(iii) Link back evidence to websites, as well as brands you have already worked with
(iv) Do you have a database system where you collect personal details to advertise and maintain updates about your blog
(v) How do you market your Blog, which are the most effective platforms
(vi) Do you have a blogging and marketing strategy in place
(vii) How does your Blog stand out from other industry bloggers. How will you showcase your innovation, do you vlog for instance?
However, be warned, do not always say yes to any sponsor (paid or unpaid), remeber this is your brand therefore your choice. Question their credibility. Question if their product is in line with the blog posts you promote. Be confident.

The benefit in having sponsor status on your Blog

– Increased traffic
– Increased awareness and if you are already an established business or start up this could have a great effect on ROI
– Increased credibility of your brand
– Increased enagagement
– New business potential and direction

The above are only some pointers to assit with your thinking around your blog and gaining sponsorship. However, we would like to hear your feedback, do you showcase sponsors on your blog and if so, how does this work?
 is one of the judges, judging the event industry category. Julius’s blog is admired throughout the events industry and showcases how sponsorship/advertisment can work with blogging successfully. Take a look and be inspired by his work!

We look forward to hearing your feedback and input via this post and during #BlogHour on Tuesday 26th November 2013 from 9-10pm.

Dont forget, there are now only 5 days to enter the National UK Blog Awards 2014. Individuals and Organisation enter here FREE: 

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