Is it really Day 9 of #BEDN already? How quickly November is flying by and Christmas is fastly approaching.

Over the past few days across our  Twitter handle we have asked “What stops people commenting on Blogs?” we received some great response to this simple but effective question and may provide some advice as to how to encourage ‘Blog Chat’ via your Blogs.

To Increase your Blog Chat have you asked yourself the following questions?
Have you thought about stepping outside of the box in terms of content?
Are you sharing your Blog effectively across Social Media?
Are you a Blogger that only expects traffic to their own site, without visiting others?
These are some things you may want to consider in terms of engagement.

We have found that we received far more social media engagement via Twitter due to the platform allowing easy, fast and convenient ways to respond. This is why we run . However, everyone has their own preference.

This week, we found our #Blog Hour chat really fascinating and inspiring. Our Event Category sponsor for the Awards,  () joined us and co-hosted the hour with Event Industry questions and it was very surprising how Bloggers (Individuals and Organisations) from all industries network, answers topical Q’s from another sector (out of their comfort zone!) and shared useful tips and feedback.

This was in fact the reason why we wanted to run the Awards, host a multi-sector virtual networking hour and share content across our social media channels: to engage and network with a multitude of sectors.

This Tuesday we aim to push the boundaries once again where our Health Category sponsor,  () will co-host #BlogHour on Tuesday 12th November 2013 from 9-10pm to discuss The Power of Blogging in the Health Sector. Not only will the hour be of use to Health professional with an online presence across the UK, but a chance for others to see the content that is being developed in this sector, as well as networking and developing further connections. We hope you will join us!

Thanks again for reading and have a reading weekend! Dont forget to submit your Awards entry, its FREE to enter for any Individual/Freelancer or Company/Organisation that Blogs: 

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