Marketing comes in many different shapes and forms, but when it comes to movies the possibilities are endless, there are so many ways you can get a film out there into the public eye and with online markets being bigger now than ever before the internet is key to grabbing the right audience.

Over the years I’ve personally worked with many of the UK’s top brands including the , BIC, Lynx,  and more. I worked with these brands throughout college and since then I’ve always had a passion for promotion, advertising and marketing. I used to get so fed up with some of the marketing techniques as they would always go down the same route of plugging an idea, there really isn’t many advertising campaigns out there that stand alone in their uniquity. When I first set up Back to the Movies I wanted to do something different, something marketing / advertising related that would really stand out away from the materials we see everyday.

The idea was to personalise the marketing experience, bring fans closer to the stars, bring fans closer to the films and the people behind them. Back to the Movies was set up with the film fan in mind. When I run campaigns for films or take over their social media pages, I connect with the audience, I build relationships, the film would never be successful without the fans, so every day I’m speaking to the fans that are making this film happen. Its this personalised service that I feel brings everyone closer together and the end product is much more celebrated and cherished as a result. If the fans can speak to the people involved in their favourite movies then you will feel a part of the team and thats exactly the impact we want to get across here at Back to the Movies. Aside from this I interview celebrity’s in their homes, offices, hotel rooms you name it! The video quality isn’t up there with the professional interviews but having the celebrity in the comfort of their own chosen surroundings leads to a more personal interview, and a more laid back meeting in which the celebrity in question is more relaxed to divulge more information to you without being stuck in a make up chair and in front of a HD camera in a studio for 60 minutes.

Sean Evans 22 years of age is the CEO of Back To The Movies, a movie marketing and advertising website based in Staffordshire, UK. Sean has worked with many top names in the movie industry both independent and studio based.

Working from home Sean has established the Back To The Movies  and  in September 2011 displaying interviews, trailers and behind the scenes footage of chosen productions.Since creating the pages not only has Sean managed to speak to some very well known famous faces but also got the chance to meet a few in person. In October 2013 Sean flew out to Los Angeles for a mont working on the Pre Production of a horror film scheduled for release in 2014, from setting up a blog to being invited to America is a huge step for the website and a huge step forward into the future of Back to the Movies.

Sean is aspiring to interview and work with some of the industry’s top stars and hopefully work on set or on bigger films to come, marketing, advertising or even physically being in a film.

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