The UK Blog Awards 2017, in association with ODEON Cinemas went live for entries and nominations yesterday to award the best influencer talent across the UK. On the first day alone, over 800 entries and nominations have been received!
To continue the celebration of industry Blog Heroes, we wanted to discuss awards recognition during #BlogHour this week.
Over the past three years, the UKBA team has worked hard to help individual and companies gain exposure, awareness and recognition for their digital content. And we expect year 4 to be no different.
During this week’s #BlogHour expect to discuss how awards can help platform your blog brand, how many awards are enough and making the most of your entry. We hope you enjoy the questions below and look forward to tweeting with you at 9pm via  Twitter on Tuesday 4th October:
Q1. What benefits has your blog gained by entering an awards programme? #BlogHour
Q2. Are there enough blogging awards out there for anyone not ‘big on the scene’ to become recognised? Via 
Q3. When does an influencer become ‘too big’ to require awards recognition? #BlogHour
Q4. In your opinion, what makes an award credible? #BlogHour
Q5. Do you compare and self-reflect your blog against others that enter blog awards? #BlogHour
Q6. In terms of your Blog, what is most important to you, content, visuals, usability or following? #BlogHour
We hope you can join us. Happy tweeting!

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