Last week we announced the winner of the National UK Blog Awards 2014 Certificate Design competition winner as, Cat Neligan who has a blog called  where she posts around the human race, health and happiness. When Cat is not blogging or researching she is working as freelance graphic designer and illustrator and uploading her work to her illustration website .

Cat has now received her free ticket to attend the UK Blog Awards on the 25th of this month, where her design will be showcased and received by all finalists in attendance!


We asked Cat to tell us about her thinking behind the design and Cat declared:
“I wanted to create a very visual certificate, almost like a poster – one that the bloggers would be happy to have up on their walls! I know there are many different fields of blogging, and different ways of working, so I thought depicting three different characters would get this across.”

We can’t wait to showcase Cat’s work on the night, but we felt it was important to showcase the some of the other great talent that entered the competition. It was after all, a very tough call!

See below some of the fantastic shortlisted entries we have received with an overview of how their design has been created:


Frankie CH

We asked Frankie on her design inspiration, she said:
“I wanted to create something clean and simple, nothing over the top so it would look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I aimed for a gender neutral certificate and since blogging includes a lot of computer interaction, a keyboard as the background seemed like a logical idea.”

Natasha Nuttall

Natasha who is also a finalist for Most Innovative and Young Persons UK Blog provided a fantastic entry. Natasha said:
“I designed my certificate using the mouse arrow as a symbol for each blogger in the blogging community. I created a circular pattern from the arrows that represents all of the bloggers coming together (to celebrate and support each other) for the Blog Awards, which is why the focal point of the pattern is based around the Blog Awards logo.”

Simon Duringer

It is quite ironic to say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ as this is one Simon’s specialties, writing books. However this statement is true behind Simon’s clever design, of which he has kindly provided a great explanation behind the body of the design for the award:

“I have referenced Samuel Pepys accomplishments i.e. as a President of the Royal Society, Member of Parliament and Justice of the Peace, including his lifetime years in a text box at the bottom right of the certificate and using the UK Blog Awards colour. Samuel Pepys is considered by many to be one of the original “bloggers” in the non I.T. world. His portrait is found on many U.K. bank notes, reinforcing this as a U.K. national award and one of value.”


We hope you agree that some of the shortlisted designs that were entered into the #UKBA14 Certificate Competition are unique in their own way. From the beginning of the awards planning process we have felt very passionate about the blogger-sphere having their stamp on the UK Blog Awards, from choosing the type of awards that will be held on the 25th April to the design of the awards certificate.  We look forward to this process being an annual occurrence to provide recognition for our Bloggers once again!

Come along to the UK Blog Awards at , St Paul’s,  to celebrate viral celebrate, enjoy the experience and make some great connections.

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