Today is Ada Lovelace Day. Ada is known as the first ever computer programmer for designing an early model for a computer more than a century before they were invented. Though the computer she wrote about was never created, her extensive notes have led to her being widely regarded as the very first computer programmer.

Here’s what we know about Lord Byron’s gifted daughter and why a day has been named after her:

As a teenager her exceptional gifts led her to develop a long working relationship with British mathematician Charles Babbage, who has become known as “the father of computers”. If you don’t know, Lovelace was a 19th Century mathematician who wrote algorithms for early computers designed by Charles Babbage. She also realised the potential future significance of computers in a way that Babbage did not.

Why does Ada Lovelace matter to the blogosphere?

Whilst Ada wasn’t the first and definitely not the last pioneering woman to walk a lightly trodden road for women, she represents a passion, success and aptitude for a topic that we struggle to be represented in even today!

Because of the topic of the day, one of our amazing judges for #UKBA19 and a regular attendee on #bloghour – Kate on Conservation suggested a topic around whether the blogosphere offers a more equal ground for women than traditional tech careers and so much more!

Keep reading to see our Ada Lovelace inspired questions:

Q1) Do YOU (no matter your gender) feel there is a community of female bloggers supporting one another or are we in a highly competitive landscape? #bloghour

Q2) Do female bloggers have more brand opportunities then their male counterparts? #bloghour

Q3) Do you think blogging awards and publications are geared more towards women? #bloghour

Q4) Do you think all gender identities are represented in blogging? #bloghour

Q5) Who are your favourite STEM bloggers? #bloghour 

Q6) What do you think can be done to improve equality and fairness in the blogging world? #bloghour

Tonight is a pretty heavy topic, we hope those of you who join us will do so with a calm head, a kind heart and a respectful approach. See you at 9pm!

Oh and if you want to check out some of the modern day Ada Lovelaces in action – check out this article. 




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