Your Writing Mood | #BlogHour


Our mood plays a strong part in not only how we write but also how we interact and engage with our peers. Had a bad day? Maybe. But how do you deal with this and have you ever questioned how your mood impacts your writing topic, content and style?

Many Blogs are set up to document their life journey; therefore setting the right tone from the outset is an integral part of your Blog. Brands are identified online by their tone and this is an important part of personal Blogging too. Cue your thoughts, ‘..but I’m just being myself.’ and of course you are, this is your tone and your space to make your mark.

Tonight during #BlogHour we wanted to get you all thinking about how you portray yourself online and question if you have a good, bad or indifferent day, does this affect your writing style?  Take a look at tonight’s questions below and let us know what you think beforehand:

Q1. If you have had a bad or good day, do you feel this affects the way you develop your Blog content? #BlogHour

Q2a. How important do you think personality is when managing a Blog and your social media? #BlogHour

Q2b. Do you have any engagement tips to ensure you continue to stay personal? #BlogHour

Q3. What has been your most engaged with post? Why do you think it worked so well? #BlogHour

Q4. What are people’s favourite part of Blogging, community, connection with readers, social media, photography? Via #BlogHour

Q5. If you posted content in a different way because of your mood, do you think your readers would notice? #BlogHour

Q6. Since setting up your Blog has your writing objective changed, if so, how? #BlogHour

See you at 9pm and don’t forget to use the hashtag, #BlogHour™