Your Readers Experience | #BlogHour | Tuesday 1st December 2015

BlogHour UK Blog Awards

This Tuesday marks the first of advent and the official countdown of the which closes in two weeks time.

The awards have been, yet again, overwhelmed by the amount of individual and company entrants for the third consecutive year. For the 2016, the UK Blog Awards team wanted to the user and journey experience of the awards online and face to face to be different. Digital experience is more important than ever before and with Bloggers and businesses day to day tasks, we wondered if any of our community relfects ont his topic? 

Already, we have provided further insight into the UK Blog Awards journey: . Keeping your readers engaged and providing transparency is key to provide the right experience and to enable candidates to understand their gain. We further question, do you evaluate what gain your readers achevie from your Blog and what draws them in?

Telling stories is inevitably what Blogging and news media is all about, but what, who and how makes a good stroyteller. We hope you can join us tonight at 9pm via the Twitter platform to discuss, debate and share your views and experience:

Q1. are awarding the best individual and company for the at #UKBA16. What are the most important storytelling attributes in your opinion? #BlogHour

Q2. Is your Blog easy to navigate and have you ever thought about your readers experience? What would you like to change about your Blog? #BlogHour

Q3. If you could ask your favourite digital influencer a question to help you improve your Blog, who and what question would you ask? #BlogHour

Q4. It's, time again. What do you think the candidates could learn from Bloggers? #BlogHour

Q5. #UKBA16 MD spoke with about all things Blogging.  What role do you think Blogs play in media? #BlogHour

Q6. Name your favourite Blog of the moment, what draws you in? #BlogHour

Both individual and company Bloggers are welcome to join the debate. As always, don't forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag in your Tweets.