Your Other Side, Does it Exist? | #BlogHour


Last night we were at where we networked and sampled many foodie delights, as well as enjoying good conversation with fellow UK Blog Awards 2016 candidates, judges and sponsors.

This week during #BlogHour we plan to discuss, ‘your other side’. Do you have a Blogging personality as opposed to the personality you share with friends and family? We are also going to discuss what works for you and your likes and dislikes about certain platforms. The key for us is personalisation and building relationships, but how is this achieved?

If you haven't done so already, we are launching a platform called, where we plan to connect Influencers with Brands but also allow a hub for Bloggers to share their Blog content and ask any questions to each other under one digital roof!

Q1. Do you showcase a different writing personality when developing content for your Blog? #BlogHour

Q2. Do you read Direct Messages via Twitter and are there any other aspects across Social that you dislike? #BlogHour

Q3. How many photographs are acceptable per blog entry? My max was 14. via #BlogHour

Q4. What devices fellow bloggers use i.e. tablet, laptop and software recommendations for #newbiebloggers? Via

Q5. Which platform do you think is the most personal at the moment and which has the potential to be in the future? #BlogHour

Q6. For fun, in five words explain your Blogging personality! #BlogHour

We look forward to discussing the above questions with you tonight at 9pm via Twitter platform for #BlogHour.