Your Next Chapter | #BlogHour


As we move into the second full week of January 2016, we have been reading many resolutions, 2016 predictions and chapter stories from Bloggers, brands and marketeers. 

This week, we will be discussing 2016 as your next chapter. What do you expect to see happening in 2016? Your 2015 book is closed and you have begun your 365 blank page book for the year, so make it a good one!

For those that have entered the UK Blog Awards 2016, we expect that you feel that your journey has already begun. You have now received over 40,000 public votes, with your Blog profiles being showcased to all. In the first part of our 2016 chapter, we wanted to change how our public vote platform was visualised. Instead of having a generic tick box system (boring with zero innovation), we decided that each individual and company blogger profile should be its own showcase. We hope you are enjoying our journey so far. Tomorrow, we can't wait to hear about your new chapter. Please see the questions below for discussion:

Q1. What is the best way to ensure visitors return to your blog, time after time? via #BlogHour

Q2. If you were to print your Blog into a paperback, how would it read and what would be the most exciting chapter? #BlogHour

Q3. Do you use the likes of or to help with your #socialmedia stats and followers? via  #BlogHour

Q4. How do you encourage visitors to comment on your blogs more and therefore interact with you? via  #BlogHour

Q5. Does blogging bullying exist? via  #BlogHour

Q6. Who has experimented with video or podcast yet? If not, what do you need to get you started? #BlogHour

We look forward to virtually networking with you on Tuesday 12th January from 9-10pm via Twitter account.