Your Journey as a Blogger


Every bloggers journey is different.

Many bloggers create their web, text and social media platforms as their own diary, rather than the intention of turning into a 'celebrity influencer'. Every year the awards likes to set an inspirational theme and with the planning for 2018 very much underway, we want to hear what you would like to see the awards bring in 2018.

This evenings #BlogHour topic is all about your journey as a blogger. During the chat at 9pm via Twitter account, we will discuss where it all began for you and if anything has changed along the way.  begin their content journey with the intention of their profile not becoming a career. Check out tonights questions below:

Q1. How did your content journey begin, where are you now and has it changed since the beginning? #BlogHour

Q2. Do you write content based on what your audience will love or what you are passionate about?  #BlogHour

Q3. What is the best advice another blogger has given you?  #BlogHour

Q4. Do you think brands have changed the way in which they engage with bloggers?  #BlogHour

Q5. Have you turn your blog into your own brand or do you class yourself as a hobbyist blogger only? #BlogHour

Q6. #UKBA17 was all about Blog heroes and heroines of the industry. We're currently planning #UKBA18, what would you like to see? #BlogHour