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shared an important story today where a blogger posted a negative review post about a building company on . The Guardian article covered copyright, defamation and the DMCA within their post - familiar? We continue. 

Protecting your Blog brand is important and we have outlined below some of the options you can take to protect your blog, your name and your content. Whatever type of blogger you refer to yourself as, one thing that everyone should have in common is protecting your brand i.e. intellectual property. 

Copyright: protection of your tangible work created by you for example, photography, video footage/content and text on your blog
Trademark: historically this applies to brands and their distinct names and logos, such as the logo. However, fast forward to the current day and if you are serious about your Blog perhaps you should consider trademarking your blog name/logo. You can take steps to register trademarks and read further information via the GOV.UK website: 

The next thing to consider is protecting yourself when you develop content. There have been many stories relating to bloggers writing 'bad' reviews. Freedom of speech is important and is one of the reasons that Blogging as a digital medium is so powerful today. However, awareness of key legal terms is important and we have highlight a short overview below:

Defamation is a legal term for a claim involving injury to reputation caused by false statements of fact. This can be in a written format or spoken (slander). You can read more .
Copyright Infringement is the use of someone's work which is protected by contract law without permission. This covers infringement of exclusive rights such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work. - via Wikipedia. Read in full .
DMCA was set up to protect content, but is it always applied correctly? Perhaps not. In a positive light, the DMCA protects your content and you can find out full details via their website .  

We are #sorrynotsorry for the information overload. This stuff is important. We hope you have found the initial overviews helpful and that this has spurred your thoughts for debate during #BlogHour. In preparation for the hour, you can view the questions below:

Q1. Have you ever thought about regisering a trademark to protect your Blog name and/or logo? #BlogHour

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Q3. As part of , we plan to run educational workshops, as well as run networking events. Would these be helpful? #BlogHour

Q4. I've upped my traffic, but obliterated my trust flow. (From 14 to 2) :( Any tips for recovery?  #BlogHour

Q5. Do you worry about breaking the law when you Blog? #BlogHour

Q6. We are nearly half way through 2016. Have you acheived all that you wanted to with your Blog and what obscatles have you faced? #BlogHour

We look forward to discussing with you during #BlogHour tomorrow at 9pm. As always, don't forget to use the hashtag.