Your Blog Growth | #BlogHour


Its that time of week again, where we ask you to join us for #BlogHour. If you are not already aware, #BlogHour takes place every Tuesday from 9-10pm.

As always, don't forget to use the hashtag in your tweets. Before the chat, take a look at the questions below and prepare your answers for a fast typing networking hour with our community of influencers:

Q1. When you share social media posts do you feel they always 'add value'? #BlogHour

Q2. Media kits! Who has one and what tools and advice do you have in creating one? via #BlogHour

Q3. What length and type of video is perfect to draw you in as a reader and why? #BlogHour

Q4. Do you suffer from hashtag overload? How would you advise to use hastags correctly? #BlogHour

Q5. How long does your avarage reader stay on your Blog for? Should content be short and snappy? #BlogHour

Q6. In 12 months time, where do you expect your blog to be? Share your goals! #BlogHour