Your Advertising Position | #BlogHour


The 'C' word is upon us. Yep, you guessed it, get ready for Vlogmas and Blogmas overhauls across our digital screens. But before this, people can't stop talking about the John Lewis advert that isn't the actual advert and is fact was a piece of coursework created by an A Level media student, . Fast forward a few months and Nick work is the talk of social and has now been offered a job with W Communications. Not bad for a piece of coursework.


The above is a great showcase into the power of social and how a single idea can explode. This new story has led us in nicely into this week's #BlogHour and as a blogger, vlogger, instagrammer or snapchatter that develops your own reactive content, we question, how do you position yourself in the world of advertising and how is this relative to your content?

We hope you enjoy this weeks' #BlogHour questions and can join the conversation at 9pm tonight. Check out the questions below - you never know, it may spark your own viral idea:

Q1. How would you define advertising and how do you think this could compliment your content? #BlogHour

Q2. Have you ever been featured in a magazine for your content coverage? Did this help you, if so, how? #BlogHour

Q3. Do you get involved with advertising on other people's websites, how has this worked for you? #BlogHour

Q4. When paid for content coverage, are you put off by the word #ad or #spon or would you value the transparency? #BlogHour

Q5. How would you stand out in your niche amoungst the best bloggers of the same niche? via #BlogHour

Q6. Just for fun, what is your most favourite advertising commercial? #BlogHour

See you at 9pm!