Why it is OK to Schedule your Social Media


It will come as no surprise that we can spend most of our day reading online content. And we read and view A LOT of social media content. As well as reading, we take the time to speak to people about their content whether this be in person or during #BlogHour.

Developing regular content, along with your daily and weekly commitments can be a challenge. To enable you to build community, your readers need to know when to expect to see your content, on certain days and times, supported by your established theme. The next step is your engagement and as an influencer, making time to chat and interact with your readers is imperetive to grow your community by spreading the word about your knowledge, passions and interest.

Scheduling in your social media posts and snippets from your content can be a game changer. By using one of the useful scheduling platforms such as, , and will not only save you on time but can also help you measure which posts gained the most interest. It isn't often that your readers will find the time to tell you what they love, but data does. And if big brands are using these techniques, why not you?

The benefits of scheduling

Time: Having a day where you schedule in posts about your content or your favorite content can not only save time, but develop interaction and engagement. And by this, we don't mean schedule in posts that are in-personal. Most of the time, the posts that you choose to schedule would be very similar in context as to what you would post in real time. What do you have to loose?

Interaction: Once you have taken the time to schedule in your content, you can take the time to read other blogs and vlogs, comment and show your appreciation in helping others grow with you. Joining in with social media discussions can also be a great way to grow your community and awareness of your content

Find What Works: Social Media management platforms provide handy data measurement resources. This, in turn will help you find assess at what time of day your readers want to read your content, as well as which type of posts work best to draw your readers interest to your Blog or Vlog

Content Management: Once your social media scheduling has gained momentum and you are into the swinging of planning ahead, why not begin to develop blog and/or vlog plan over a three monthly cycle. In time, this will then enable you to look back on posts that were a success and others that you could develop further. We are big believers in self reflection and us too are always assessing, what works and what does not

Routine: As we have previous mentioned, it is important for your readers to know what to expect out of the content that you deliver. Once you have the power of time in your hands and not feeling the urge to check if your Twitter or Instagram following has increased by 100%, you will find your routine more structured and productivity in developing your content will increase

When scheduling, it is important to support your content with images, GIFs and videos that showcase your content's personality and you as an individual. Why not try to implement the above and let us know how it goes? You never, you might be surprised that scheduling is actually OK.