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We are what we do is a bilingual experience blog. A blog about our choices. The idea behind the name came from one of Aristotle’s famous quotes: “We are what repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” The WAWWD is in love with real, talented idealists doing great things primarily for others; who just love extending their hands, smiles and more importantly their heart… The WAWWD could be a movie of Luis Buñuel, a vintage Emilio Pucci kaftan dress, a song from Yves Montand, a book from Gabriel Garcia Marques, a taste from an organic market, a parisien Dalloyau macaron, a Robert Capa photo, a trip to Patmos. WAWWD could be a hug, a kiss, a confession, a family member. The colours, the tastes, the sun of the South that embraces the East, the West and the North in a sunburnt kiss...

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As a journalist I have worked across every single medium available to the media world – in TV, in radio and in printed and online magazines. Travel documentaries, fashion and wellness magazines, cultural radio shows, creative scriptwriting campaigns. And all these jobs have something in common. My passion for arts, for music, theatre, travels, style, fashion, books, cinema; my urge to find and promote real inspiring people and real values far away from the superficial bubble; to search for what truly defines people in this colourful weird world we inhabit. And I think we should spread the word that’s why I’m asking you to vote for We Are What We Do. Because out there, there is a real world. With great artists, real values, authentic pieces of art and fashion, with environmentally friendly foods and clothes. Because out there is a colourful world with inspiring people and challenging travels that is worth sharing … A world of high aesthetics that I try to capture and share via my stories and photos. Whatever makes me fly high in this life. A sharing experience. Because from everything I’ve done so far this is more “me”. Let’s spread the word… Let’s share the experience of We Are What We Do.