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The blog started several years ago when I began walking the Wales Coast Path. At first it was really like an on line diary, but I had always wanted it to look as good as I could manage and it was also a way of exploring another branch of photography (I am a garden photographer for publication). I quickly expanded it to cover other long distance paths - I had walked The Dales Way, for instance - as well as shorter, one day walks. And occasionally I review equipment. In my writing, and in the use of images I "take a warts and all" approach to what I am seeing and experiencing. If a place is run down or ugly I say so. If I don't like the food or service in a place I stay, then the reader gets my honest opinion. But I hope that I also offering useful as well as entertaining writing. There are many fantastic landscape photographers producing beautiful images. I admire their technical skill and their personal commitment but I also feel that these images also present an idealised picture of the landscape. Picture are taken in perfect light and viewpoints chosen to exclude those less than beautiful electricity pylons or water treatment works. My images are taken as I walk, in all light conditions and without trying to edit out the ugly bits. In fact sometimes it is the ugly bits that can be the most beautiful.

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I am a photographer by profession but in my blog I am taking pictures with a compact camera and at all times of the day. So although I hope my images are pleasing and offer at times a very "fresh" perspective, they are fundamentally "snaps" that anyone (with a good eye, of course) might just have taken on their phone. I am committed to offering forthright, sometimes blunt, but always honest opinions of the places I walk though, the things that I see and the equipment that I use. Mine is a "warts and all" approach to travel writing.