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The Urban Wanderer is a blog to inspire out and about adventures for everyday explorers and curious minds. I share my visits, expeditions, exploring and adventures and more in and around Manchester, the North West and beyond. There is more to life than sitting inside playing games, browsing Facebook or flicking through the channels. I am here to encourage you to get outside, look up form your phones and discover the wonderful people and world around you. I even have a weekly photo challenge to encourage you to get out more and capture a picture on the weekly theme while out for your own wander. Discover places to visit in under an hour, two hours and three hours from Manchester in my ever growing collection of places to walk, hike, eat and discover.

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I have started this blog as I wanted to share my adventures of wandering cities, urban spaces and the countryside and to encourage other people to do the same. Not only is there so much wonder out there, there are great people and places right under your nose that you might miss. Your vote will help to encourage me to share adventures further and wider and help people, like you, to find more to do with your time. To get fit and healthy by walking and widen your world through discovering new things.