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An adventure travel blog focusing on finding the fun in every situation. Meeting new people, trying new foods, getting outdoors and experiencing the wilderness wherever I may be, this blog finds the different, the exceptional and the fun things to do in villages, towns, cities and countryside around the world. She Gets Around also chronicles Jen's life living back in the countryside (where she belongs) and her journey into freelance life and building a successful business.

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I have been writing this little blog for 6 years and have loved every second. That this blog has grown into my profession is crazy, amazing and humbling all at the same time. To even be nominated for a huge award means the world to me and I can't wait to keep sharing my crazy, fun adventures around the world and the UK. My home is Derbyshire, but I am happiest when travelling, when constantly seeing the world and meeting new people. Much love to all my followers and thanks to everyone who votes for me. Either way I will keep blogging for you all...