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Sarah Woo is my personal journal and outlet to share what I’m loving – with a strong focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle – whether it’s showcasing my own style, favourite products and collections, places to go, or championing creative talent. A little bit about me... Hailing from the north of England, from an awesome little town called Lytham in Lancashire – I moved to London nearly five years ago, on an epic quest to fulfil a dream. The dream: after working in finance for 11 years, I pursued a complete career change. Scary, maybe crazy, but completely liberating with no regrets – I packed a suitcase, sofa surfed for three months, studied fashion journalism, and now here I am. Home sweet home: I found my sanctuary in Balham, south west London. By day, I work as an online editor for a business magazine and spend the rest of my time fantasising about my forever-growing wish list, exploring new grounds, and documenting my adventures and favourite things on my blog. I first discovered my love of fashion: at the age of four, when my mother insisted on dressing me in nothing else but my ‘pink corduroy’ trousers (80’s child, right there) – but at least she was gracious enough to let me team them with my much loved Barbie-pink plastic platforms. She also blessed me the classic ‘bowl haircut’ to match my two brothers (character-building). From that moment, I knew I had to take this matter into my own hands. My nickname ‘Woo’: came about in my first job, when I’d bounce into work everyday with the biggest smile across my face. I was just so happy to be working, earning my own money, while meeting a brilliant bunch of people (I'm still friends with some of them today). My colleagues would greet me: “Morning Woo!” – they say it was down to my mega-enthusiasm for, well, pretty much everything… The name stuck, and even my folks now call me Woo, too. My favourite moto in life: (so cliché but so true) is ‘LIVE THE DREAM’. I believe you must always be true to yourself and do what makes you happy – whatever that maybe – and even if it takes you a little while to figure it out. Sometimes you discover something new about yourself and want to change direction (just like I did) – and it’s exciting. Go for it. My advice is: enjoy the journey (of life). Embrace every step and cherish those special ‘this feels amazing’ moments. Don’t forget to have fun while trying to reach your goals, never put too much pressure on yourself, take a positive from every negative (think of my bowl haircut) and remember; there is only one 'you' and you are completely unique. My favourite quote is: “Your life is an occasion, rise to it” – Suzanne Weyn.

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I set up my blog a few years ago, when I believed it was mandatory to get a job in journalism... and I'm so happy I did! It has genuinely changed my life, and become a much-loved hobby and passion – and I really want to take it to the next level and champion this to the next generation too. In the last year, my blog has presented me with opportunities I'd never dreamed of. I've met some incredible people, collaborated with amazing brands, discovered super cool off-the-radar businesses/designers, and made some wonderful friends along the way. To have my own space to get creative and tell epic story time (my favourite!) is so liberating – I cannot recommend it enough. I've also been approached to start teaching blogging too (watch this space in the new year). I'm so excited to share my digital pearls of wisdom and help educate others as much as I can; whether you're considering blogging as a career or taking up a new hobby – there's a blog and something for everyone – and it's never too late to start. Ultimately, this award would mean the world to me. To celebrate everything I've said above, new beginnings, and the joy of being a part of this forever-inspiring and brilliant industry. Thank you to all my readers who have supported me so far; you are the dream and absolute best!