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In October 2006, I gave up rubbish plastic and began sourcing sustainable, plastic-free alternatives. In January 2007 I started  the Plastic Is Rubbish blog to help others do the same. I live and boycott with my husband. We shop in supermarkets, eat some meat, drink alcohol and smell nice. Giving up is not in nature. We want to do everything but do it without creating a huge pile of non-biodegradable, possibly carcinogenic, animal-killing rubbish that future generations will have to clean up. So we boycott unnecessary plastic. Not to cut it completely and you will only get the Dyson when you pry it from my cold, dead hands, but to stop abusing and misusing plastic. To eliminate throwaway plastic trash, cut synthetic clothes and reduce other plastic products. In the blog I write about about plastic the material, it’s many uses and benefits. Also about the huge environmental damage caused by misuse and over consumption. There is an ever-growing catalogue of 300 plus plastic-free alternatives to everyday items as used by us, lifestyle hacks plus a directory of plastic-aware initiatives, people, organisations and businesses. It has been featured in various newspaper and magazines including the Guardian, Gadling Travel and BBC Blogs

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Plastic pollution is a huge environmental problem that needs to be addressed at source and soon. Voting for me would raise awareness, help others to reduce their plastic footprint, promote plastic free alternatives, encourage businesses to rethink their packaging and lend support to sustainable solutions..