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Relationships, sex, controversial ramblings and ongoing internal feuds – this is a very honest account of a twenty-something’s mind. My blog is my life laid-bare. I'm honest, I'm heart-broken, I'm darkly-comical, I'm eternally confused and I'm just like every other teenager and twenty-something trying to navigate adulthood. I'd like to think my writing speaks up for those who are too-afraid to challenge, wondering 'am I the only one?'. In my writing, I talk about everything from the awkward-intimacies of waxing to the double-standards of dating for the modern man and woman. I want you to laugh, cry, scoff, internalise and celebrate all at my expense; because that's what I'm here for.

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*Please* vote for me because I'm poor and need the media attention. No. But seriously, vote for me if my writing made you feel a little more understood, put a side-smirk on your face or gave you any emotion whatsoever. I want to be the uninhabited and unashamed voice of the disorientated-millennial, but most of all - like the great Robbie Williams - I just want to entertain you.