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My name is Rachaele Hambleton. I am a full time mum to 3 daughters Betsy aged 12, Tallulah aged 8 & Edie aged 3. I am a full-time step mummy to two boys Seb aged 11 & Isaac aged 7. In January 2016 I wrote a post on 'Spotted Torquay' that went viral worldwide, because of the amazing response I decided to start a blog to help other parents/people and myself, because life at times is hard and I think we need to be more open about that, be more admitting of our struggles so that we can create more support and care for each other better. The response I received was overwhelming and in just over 9 months I have a Facebook following (who I call 'my crew') of over 330,000 people. My blog covers taboo subjects such as baby loss awareness, Post natal depression, Mental Health illness, bullying & general day to day life struggles as well as the highs and happy times that come along also. What my main focus is now however, is raising awareness & funds for Domestic abuse. I work with agencies to be able to safeguard men, women and children from this and get them to safety urgently. I am now working alongside WOMENS AID and a charity based in a Exeter called SAFE who have allowed me to use their logo upon my website to promote them and help raise more awareness for their charity. I have recently had an award created by Towergate Insurance to be used in their 2017 Care awards called the 'Part time working mummy unsung hero award', this is dedicated to my page & crew for all the work we do for others and I will be presenting the award to the winner at the ceremony in March 2017 at The Dorchester Hotel in London. If you spend an hour reading through the posts and comments upon my page I have been told by thousands of people you will be rolling round the floor in fits of giggles one minute and crying with heartbreak the next- it is that real.

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I would like to be voted to enable more awareness for Domestic Abuse. If I am voted for it will help more people in need become aware of my page, in turn meaning they gain support, advice & help. I have had various emails from GP's & Health Visitors to women refuges to say that they share posts that are relevant on my page a lot to make people feel better as it is true to life. I will continue to campaign for things close to my heart and help other people cope with things they are going through as best they can with the support of my crew! We really are making a difference. Thank you!