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Following my life and everything I encounter, I talk about everything from my latest travels to what I've been doing at uni. My blog is me, if I've lived through it I'll discuss it. I love talking about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. I also love vlogging my travels and any interesting days in my life. Vlogging gives me something to look back on and the lovely followers, who always ask how my day was, a way to experience my life with me.

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I am a full time student; when I'm not in uni I'm photographing and when I'm not doing that I blog. I work incredibly hard for my blog, despite having so little time to publish on it. Since first seeing "theowletblog" is available on blogger back in February, my blog has grown massively, and created one of the kindest, most helpful communities on Twitter that I could imagine, as well as giving me an outlet & my followers a place to find and share tips.