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My name is Monica (or Moni for short) and I’m a History student at Cambridge University with a passion for healthy eating. In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting with new ingredients to create wholesome recipes. As a student, I use food not only to nourish and energise me, but to maintain my general health, maximise concentration levels, boost immunity as well as enhance my overall focus and performance. The effects of nutrition on every aspect of one’s life are truly noticeable! For how to introduce 'mindful eating' into your daily lifestyle, please visit my blog post: https://mindfullymoni.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/mindful-eating/ In my blog, I share recipes that are nutrient-dense and balanced in terms of the different food groups – whilst being super yummy, satisfying and decadent. There has recently been a negative social stigmatisation emerging about healthy eating; that it is unvaried, really hard to maintain and revolves around salad – Mindfully Moni is all about celebrating the natural, wholesome foods which are available to us and creating delicious recipes with nourishing ingredients that your body will love you for! All my recipes are fool-proof and well-tested so there’s no reason not to alter your diet now :) You can find everything from banana ice cream and raw vegan chocolate cakes to oatmeal, smoothies and vegan pancakes.

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The main reason why I created Mindfully Moni is because I am a massive foodie – there’s no simpler explanation then that! My interest for nutritional eating and fitness has developed over the past few years and now I strive to inspire others to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles which aren’t extreme in one way or the other. This has motivated me to cook/ bake many delicious, nourishing meals and treats in order to raise awareness (via my blog and social media platforms) of the nutritional value of eating a wholesome diet. As a passionate health foodie, I strive to share my enthusiasm for nutritious eating. I hope that with Mindfully Moni, a plant-based food and health blog, I can continue this goal of inspiring others to look after their bodies from the inside and out. It would mean so much to me to be recognised for how far I've come in terms of food photography, nutritional wisdom, and a following/ friendship network of like-minded people because I've put in so much of my free time (and compromised on social events) to follow my ethos and hopefully encourage others to do the same. I couldn't think of anything more rewarding than the UK Blog Awards which would give me a sense of purpose and great satisfaction, as well as motivate me to dedicate even more of time to my no.1 passion!