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MarkWilson.IT is a personal blog that describes Mark's daily encounters with tech at home and in his work. Over the last 12 years Mark has racked up well over 2000 posts covering a variety of topics from email to enterprise architecture, from systems administration to strategy and from Microsoft to Macintosh. For a bit of variety Mark also blogs from time to time about the technical elements of his hobbies - photography, cycling and a little bit of motoring tech.

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I don't write for business and I don't have a marketing team to promote the blog. What started out as a place to store my thoughts and make some notes gained a life of its own when I discovered other people find it useful too! Someone was kind enough to nominate me for the awards - it would be wonderful to make it to the short list so please vote for me! It's difficult to pick a single "favourite" blog post but I've selected two for different reasons: 1) The first one seems to be helping a lot of people with similar issues - if the vendor can't or won't fix the issue then at least I can share a workaround with other consumers. 2) The second one is my commentary on a current industry trend - and I've found myself highlighting it to several of my customers too, so it seems to be a useful starting point for people getting to know about the topic.