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A fashion, travel and lifestyle blog based in London with style tips, collection previews, places to eat and fashion week coverage.

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Hello! My name is Cheryl. I'm so pleased to have this space to share with you guys my style and daily adventures in and around the city of London. This blog is a platform to express my interest in fashion and show you what is currently out there on the high street. I strongly believe that what we wear is a brilliant personal way of exerting creativity and portraying your imperceptible inner spirit and identity, a unique identity like no other. The industry will always be current and fundamental to society because as our personalities evolve so does our unique sense of style. The best thing about blogging is meeting industry professionals, fellow bloggers and communicating with readers who share the same level of enthusiasm. It's great to be part of a community of people who constantly want to reinvent and push their aesthetic to new levels. Vote for me if you enjoy the blog!