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I write my blog to inspire people to travel, to share my love of photography and to offer topical information and comment on countries from all parts of the globe. My hope is that readers will come to regard Nomadic Thoughts as your first port of call for all things travel, whatever their aspirations, budget or dream for a ‘perfect escape’. I have spent the whole of my adult life either travelling, or arranging travel for others. Core to my belief is that the act of travel should remain, at all times, positive in the act of enhancing responisible tourism practises. Thereby benefitting the overall sustainability of the destination one is travelling to, as much as the mindset one is travelling with. Since setting up Nomadic Thoughts in 1988 the travel industry has seen widespread global changes as politics, economics and technology have impacted on how and where we go. I constantly note how people’s travel aspirations change and traditional booking patterns have altered to match today’s diverse range of holiday options. We can now fly long haul at the drop of a hat. Specialist activities, adventure, culture, wildlife, hobbies and new hot spots dominate every travel brochure, website and chat room. Hotels spring up daily and flight and accommodation promotions blow across our desks almost every hour. The environmental impact of how we travel is also now an essential factor in making decisions, and an intrigual and constant part of my blog postings. Knowing how, when and where to travel is as important as understanding what destination suits which person. People’s horizons have opened out and their interests have broadened. We have sent eighty year olds to the Sahara and eight year olds on safari. People well into their seventies inspire us by trekking in the Himalayas and Year 7 school children now visit war graves. Despite all these changes our most precious commodity is still time. Time to research, time to evaluate the best options, time to actually go away. This is where I hope my blog assists readers, whether clients of independent travellers. With so many opportunities out there one's ability to access accurate travel information is invaluable.

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