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My blog is about making baking accessible and fun for all. I aim to post recipes that everyone will love and enjoy, but anyone can bake them! I post all sorts of delicious sweet treats from Cupcakes, Cakes and Cookies, to Cheesecakes, Tarts, and Sweets. I love to research in to recipes daily, and experiment, and try new things! Some experimentations don’t work quite so well, but others work truly brilliantly and have amazing feedback from my Trusty Taste Testers. Seeing people from across the world bake my recipes is amazing and inspiring. Helping people with their queries about baking, ingredients, and all things food is my aim, so I hope my blog helps people start baking for the first time, or find their baking bug again, or even just inspire them to try something new and delicious!

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I believe you should vote for me as I am always here to help anyone about their baking queries, and to help about blogging in general. I make recipes with all different themes and tastes so there is always something for someone on my blog! I'm determined to make a recipe for all different types of sweets possible, and if you ever have a request then send it my way! I try my best with my blog; the layout, the photos, and the writing so I hope you all like it too!