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I am Ella is travel blog with a lifestyle twist. I started the blog in may 2015 in order to share my travels with people around me. Because I am not a professional in hospitality I decided to make my blog more personal but featuring my travel advices as a normal person would. My main topic is couple travels, romantic travels and affordable luxury. I try to help all kinds of people with advices, so even if I stay in a luxury hotel, I take my time to advise those who can't where they could find something more affordable and make their trip memorable. My main focus is to inspire people to live in the city they visit, and not just pass through as a tourist, so I try to do the things, I would normally do in my home town. I also find interesting romantic adventures in each city so that readers could literally copy my itinerary. Sometimes I like to make jokes as well, especially if I don't like something, I think that positive humour makes even the worst things a funny experience :) In the past year I have grown my audience to over 350 000 users, and have been awarded as well as recognised by many including the UK Blog awards. It has given me motivation to continue doing what I am doing, and I change it with each day to suit to interests of my readers .

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Until last year I had no idea what to do with my life. I was a 24 year old with dreams and no clear path ahead of me. I decided to do what I love and share it with those who love it too. I try to be a little bit different, so I don't do professional reviews, because i am not professional. I am just a normal girl who likes to travel, and I tell people what I liked and didn't like on that trip. I want to inspire my readers to collect memories, and not things, because things get ruined, old and tired but memories and experiences live forever. I have many plans in the future. I would like to stop being a typical travel blogger, my plan in 2018 is to live in 12 countries in 12 months and write about it from a local perspective. Your vote could bring me closer to that goal, or hey... if you want to join me on the adventure you are more than welcome :D