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The Head's Office is a collection of articles and posts providing support and matters of interest to teachers, lecturers, governors, parents and anyone with a passion for education. My experience as a primary headteacher, together with my extensive work as a school governor provides an ideal base for a wide range of topics for me to share. This means that it is quite an eclectic read. It is also the vehicle for the promotion of the world famous 100 Word Challenge ( which together with 5 Sentence Challenge ( is providing motivation for writing to pupils across the world. I have a passion for social media and the positive impact it can have on staff and parents and use the Head's Office as a space to encourage engagement on many levels.

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The Head's Office is for anyone with an interest in education. It will not be political or stuffy but offers a variety of topics and some fun! There are suggestions of excellent resources as it is a space for others to share their skills. What is good is that most of them are free so give me your vote and join the team! It is also the place to find out more about 100 Word Challenge.