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My blog is all about living a happy and healthy lifestyle with everything in moderation. My mission is to remove the bullcrap from nutrition and fitness advice to help everyone to develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise and their bodies in general. No scaremongering, no guilt. Just factual information to educate people and help them to make informed decisions on their own health and fitness journeys, rather than just relying on the latest fad diet or newspaper article which may potentially cause confusion. As a qualified level three personal trainer and nutritional therapist, my blog is full of honest credible information. As I'm gluten intolerant, every recipe I post is gluten-free, and I'm a major chocoholic so love creating healthy treat recipes to share. That's my speciality! My blog's tagline is 'Never stop playing' and anyone who follows my blog will know I lead very much by example, encouraging others not to take themselves too seriously. It's so important to have fun and to allow happiness in our lives. It's all about embracing a healthier approach to life in general, with the understanding that mental health is equally as important as physical health. Happy Healthy Nat is about keeping it real; celebrating your body for everything it is and everything it can do, while challenging it to push limits and to become even better. To be fit, strong, happy and healthy.

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