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Gluts and Gluttony is a blog about the gluts Kathy gets in her allotment and the ensuing gluttony in the kitchen. Kathy began G&G 4 years ago having quit the London that race with no idea what to do next beyond fantastical (and naive) dreams of The Good Life. Moving to the Cotswolds and starting her blog set her on a journey that saw her retrain as a chef and set up a venture with her business partner, Mandy, hosting supper clubs, teaching cookery classes and offering private dining services around the Cotswolds. Throughout this journey, the blog has been crucial to developing ideas and a clear cooking style. Growing your own food changes the way you cook and G&G aims to encourage people to have a crack at growing their own by showing what beautiful and simple food can be made from seasonal ingredients. Their motto is: Grow it. Cook it. Eat it. And they want to show you how easy it is for you to do the same.

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They say that if you do what you love, success will come. And we believe that at G&G. Kathy writes about what she is most passionate about - the magic of growing and cooking your own food. We hope that her enthusiasm oozes from the blog and is contagious. But it isn't all roses and we aren't earnest evangelists pushing an unattainable dream - we make plenty of mistakes and we'll share those too. We think our blog offers honest, entertaining writing which will inspire your cooking every day. A vote for G&G is a vote for sharing joyous, seasonal, sustainable food... and a little bit of greediness too.