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The Glam Mummy is a destination for parents looking for beauty, fashion and parenting inspiration. It is also a place where I tackle the stigma of mental illness with my "Something Beginning With D" post. Before kids I had a fast-paced lifestyle with a job in the city, frequent nights out on the town and far-flung holidays. That glam life came to a screeching halt with my first daughter's arrival in 2012. I now had a baby in my arms and butternut-coloured poop on my shoes. The Glam Mummy is my slice of the internet where I indulge in fashion, food, beauty and all things GLAM. And of course, parenthood too. The Glam Mummy has also become a place for me to share my personal, raw journey with a very lonely illness called depression. My aim is to show how it can affect anyone, despite personal circumstances, and you can get better! So take a look at and please vote for me in the PARENTING and LIFESTYLE categories. I am a just a mum keeping it glam (when I can). Emma xxx

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I provide real-life content with a touch of glam. Just because I am a mum it does not mean I have to pack away my heels. Sure, I'd rather wear sneakers on the school run but I still get my nails done and I have an extra large bottle of dry shampoo for the days when I can't be asked to wash my hair. I provide inspiring content to mums (and perhaps dads) who are winging it through parenthood and hope to achieve or maintain an element of glam. Importantly, I want to use the platform that I have created via The Glam Mummy to powerful and supportive content on the plight of prenatal, postnatal and anytime-of-your life depression. So many people suffer silently which makes it a lonely place to be. Parenthood is tough and battling a mental illness makes it unbearably hard at times. In order for my girls (aged 2 and 4) to be the best version of themselves, I needed to be the best version of me.